I was born on December 18, 1949  to  the best  parents  any son  could  have.  My parents, Erwin and Stella   Crider,  have always been a  strong influence in  my life.  They faithfully carried me to Church as far back as I can remember.   During  my dad’s  pastorates,  I was constantly  exposed to some of  the best  preaching in the  pulpit, not only from him, but from the many visiting  preachers dad  would  have  in  his Church.  These  men  greatly influenced  my  life  both  from  hearing  them  preach  and  listening to  them  speak in our  home.  However,  in spite of all  the exposure  to Church, preachers, and godly  parents,  I  was  not  saved  until  January 11, 1975.  My father baptized me a few weeks later at the Rocky Face  Baptist Church.

It  was  during  my dad’s  pastorate at Poplar Springs Baptist Church  that  I met and  eventually married Mary  Lynn  Holloway in 1968. For the past 55 years 1 have had the wonderful privilege of sharing  my life with her.  God  has  not blessed  us  with  children so  Mary Lynn and  I only have each other.  She is  the most  fantastic  person  in  all the  world.

Mary  Lynn and  I bought a small retail floral business right after we were married and we literally grew up in the business world.  The  florist business grew into a large  company and  eventually  we  diversified into  the interior  decorating and  furniture  business.  In 2000  we sold the floral company and invest our time and effort in the  interior design business.  Since then we have greatly reduced our time and  involvement in the decorating  field  and presently we only do consulting work for a select group of clients.  We recognized  that the ministry  would  never  fully flourish until  we reduced our  involvement  in  the  business  world.

I am a  graduate of  West  Side High School  (1967),  Tennessee  Temple  University  (1986) with  a  BA.  in  Psychology,  and  accomplished  several  hours  of post  graduate  work on a Master of  Divinity  degree at  Temple  Baptist  Seminary.

I've served at Rocky Face Baptist, New Liberty Baptist, Good Hope Baptist, and currently serve as interim at Chatsworth, GA.  I pastored Maranatha Baptist  Church in Calhoun, Georgia for over 13 years and Rising Fawn Baptist in Rising Fawn, GA for 10 years.  My preaching and teaching  ministry presently involves Revivals, Bible Conferences,  Family Life Seminars,  Family Revivals, Couple’s Retreats, and  Men’s Ministries.

Mary Lynn and I enjoy traveling and we have had the privilege of  visiting over 30 countries and  all 50 states in  America.

My  goal in Life is to  bring  honor to Christ  through  my life and  to  proclaim  His  message of  hope  through the  preaching and  teaching  ministry  that God has given to me.  With His  help I believe 1 can accomplish these goals and make a difference,  not  only  for myself  but for others  with whom  I come in contact  with in life.

Mary Lynn  and I presently  make our  home in  Rocky Face, Georgia.