The MLC Ladies Retreat is an organization that meets once a year in November at the Music Road Hotel and Convention Center in Pigeon Forge,Tennessee.  I began these retreats some 43 years ago to help women cope with today's world and to connect with Christ.  The initials MLC stand for Mary Lynn Crider, but they can also mean "Making Ladies Christlike".  That certainly is my goal. If I can encourage and help the ladies attending these conferences to become more like Christ, then all my effort will be worth while.  Not only do I seek to enable women to be more like Him, but I also seek to help them meet and face the awesome challenges facing women today;  needs that arise from the work place, the home, the community, and the  church. 
Ladies today  are facing increasingly more complex problems than ever before.  The demands of raising a family  and meeting the needs of a husband, the expanding career responsibilities, the unrelenting schedules, and the unending task of house  work all combined leaves her exhausted and many times discouraged. The MLC Ladies Retreat offers a few days relief from the daily grind and an atmosphere in which ladies are free to experience the still small voice of God.

I seek to bring to the MLC Ladies Retreats the best speakers that I can find.  These speakers offer, not only Biblical instruction, but also the many varied experiences that God has allowed them to go through.

Along with the speakers, I bring to the conference the singing ministries of Sandy Payton, Missy Waldroup, and Jane Keel.   These precious ladies provide some of the best gospel singing that is available today.  Personal testimonies, prayer ministries, and spirit filled songs are also a vital part of the MLC Ladies Retreats.
I have had the privilege of seeing souls saved and lives changed through the ministry of Ladies Retreats.  To this I can only say, Praise the Lord.  Helping ladies grow in the Lord and seeing them become more like Christ are two of the most worthy goals in this ministry.  I have seen God accomplish this goal time and time again during these retreats.  God has certainly placed his hand upon this ministry.