I was born on May 19, 1949 to Grace and  Joe Holloway.  My parents were always  faithful to attend  Church and they  taught me  at an  early age to love God’s  house and God’s people.  I was blessed by God with a  loving  family  that  both  practiced and  exhibited  the love of God. I am eternally  grateful  for parents who  instilled  into me  the values and principles that  have guided and  guarded my life since I  was a child.

When  I  was  nine  years  old,  I accepted  Christ  while  attending a  Vacation  Bible School at  Crown  View  Baptist  Church.  I was later baptized at the Poplar  Springs  Baptist  Church where my parents were members.   I  can honestly say that that  was the wisest and best decision  I have ever  made  in  life.

While  attending  Poplar  Springs  Baptist,  I  met  and  married  Tommy  Crider  on February 3, 1968.  We have been happily married for 55 years. God  has not blessed us with any children but He has blessed us with  countless friends  and  a  wonderful  life.  Tommy is  my best friend  and an  awesome  husband.

I grew up in  Dalton, Georgia where I  attended  the local schools and later graduated from Dalton High School in 1967. Later I enrolled Tennessee  Temple  University and majored in Psychology.  I  also  attended  decorating classes at the  University of  Tennessee at  Chattanooga.  I have made it a habit to  continue my  education on  my own as things of interest  appealed to me.

My husband and  I currently own Interior  Decorating, Inc. This company does consulting  work  in  the  field  of  commercial  and  residential  interior  design. We  have previously owned and operated the Sundial Gifts, Inc. and  Ruth & Doyle’s Florist, Inc. We have  been in business  since we were  nineteen  years  old.

Over  40  years  ago  God  allowed  me to  begin  the  MLC   Ladies  Retreats.  This Ladies   conference  meets  each  year  in November  in  Pigeon  Forge, Tennessee.  The purpose of this organization  is to help  women  meet the challenging needs of their  life and to encourage them  in their walk with God.   I speak  at  ladies meetings,  conferences,  and  retreats all across the Southeast.  As  I speak  to  ladies, I  draw from the vast amount  of experience,  both  professionally and  spiritually,  to address  the  needs of my  audience.  God  has given me a loving heart for  women’s  ministries and  He has enabled me to reach out to ladies with the gospel of  Christ.  A gospel that always gives hope and help to receptive hearts.  If  there are any accomplishments or glory  from my labors,  I  owe  it  all to  Christ.

My  husband  and  I currently  make  our  home in  Rocky  Face,  Georgia.